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Airflo New Products 2020

New Fractional Line Ratings:  With all the new fly lines that are far from true in their line weights, AirFlo and Tim Rajeff have come up with an innovative system to describe line weights that will make it easier for anglers to match their fly lines to their rods.  All Airflo Fly lines now have […]

Airflo Fly Line Technology

Super-DRI Here at Airflo, we are always looking for ways to improve fly line performance. Starting with Airflo’s patented polymer, our chemists formulated Super-DRI, a new material that repels water, dirt, and surface scum better than any material in the history of fly lines. New advances in Nano Material Technology has allowed us to make a line that floats better […]

Video: Airflo Switch Float

After years of splicing, welding, and testing “Franken-Lines”, Airflo hasproduced the best weight forward switch line on the market. Based loosely on the popular Rage shooting head, the Super-DRI Switch has a compact weight-forward head designed specifically to compliment today’s shorter switch rods. The special front taper is capable of casting any leader and fly combination, and is […]

Airflo Bruce Chard Tropical Punch Video

Using the latest materials technology our newest Tropical line packs a punch. Developed with the help of Bruce Chard, one of the most sought after guide in the Florida Keys, this line will help you deliver your fly to your target quickly and accurately. The secret to this line is its compact front taper and extended rear taper. For […]

Airflo Super-DRI Streamer Float with Kelly Galloup

A line designed to cast anything in your fly box. Aggressive taper helps turn over heavy and wind resistant flies at any distance. Not sure you can cast it… You have found your line. Price: $84.99 Taper: Powerful, high energy tip Core: Power Core Range: WF5 – WF7 Coating: Super-DRI Ridged Polyleader: Trout Fly line specs & details >>

Airflo Super-DRI Nymph Line with Kelly Galloup

A good Nymph and Indicator line needs to be able to form efficient loops that can straighten out heavy flies and large indictors. Kelly’s new line has a larger tip diameter and more aggressive front taper to handle even the heaviest junk. Even with a good cast, many struggle mending the line and controlling the drift. But, the Super-DRI […]

Airflo Kelly Galloup Streamer Max Long Video

Sinking lines get your fly to the target and keep them in the zone while aggressively stripping line. This lines smooth transition from full sink to intermediate running line keeps you in direct contact when working the fly. Price: $94.99 Taper: Powerful big fly taper Core: Power Core Range: WF6/7 – WF8/9 Coating: Ridged Running Line:: 200gr (pale mint), 250gr (pale peach), 300gr […]

Airflo Skagit Switch G2 Video

The need had become blatantly obvious, a shorter head to match the now extremely popular Switch rods. But the “right” line to match these versatile tools had been unavailable, until now.The new Skagit Switch line hits the mark dead on. Shorter in length then our Skagit Compact, this new addition to the Skagit group of lines vary from 19’ to 20’ […]

Airflo Skagit Scout Video

The ultimate one-hand Skagit line. These lines are perfect for single-hand spey casting and for anglers using switch rods in places with minimal casting room. Utilizing the best all-polyurethane construction and an improved, supple coating, the Skagit Scout heads open up water that is unfishable with other lines. They allow trout, steelhead, and salmon fishermen to use their single-hand and switch rods to […]