Loon Outdoors New Products 2020

Ergo All Purpose Bobbin (MSRP $19.00): A smaller and lighter version of the original Ergo Bobbin.

Ergo Underfur Comb (MSRP $18.00):  Great tool for eliminating underfur from your pelts or separating synthetic materials. The fine metal times are durable and effective on a variety of applications.

Visa Pawn (MSRP $10.00).  Magnetic nob designed to attach to any vice to ahold down unruly fly tying materials.

Bench Rings (MSRP $10.00)  These stainless steel rings allow tyers to organize materials, hooks and beads by style/size/type/color using the same bags the fly tying materials came in.

Ergo Hair Packer (MSRP $22.00):  Designed to pack hair deep on the hook shank by having a beveled hole of varying sizes on each side of the fly tying tool to tie flies of various sizes. 

Zippy Hair Stackers (MSRP: SM $22.00, MD $24.00, LG $26.00):  The hinged one-piece design allows hair to be loaded easily, stacked, and removed cleanly. Magnets keep the stacker closed while in use, and the window in the top allows tyers to see when tips are aligned.

Ergo Precision Scissors (MSRP $20.00): The ergonomic handles comfortably accommodate fingers of all sizes, and the micro tip blades were designed for precise cuts in tight quarters.

Core Fly Tying Tool Kit: MSRP $60.00):  Packaged in a heavy duty travel case and featuring the Ergo All Purpose Scissors, Ergo All Purpose Bobbin, Ergo Bodkin, Ergo Whip Finisher, and Ergo Hackle Plier this is an excellent choice as a gift for the first-time tyer, or the long-time tyer who wants to trick out his or her bench with something new.

Accessory Fly tying kit (MSRP $60.00):  Packaged in a heavy-duty travel case and featuring the Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner, D-Loop Tweezer, Ergo Dubbing Brush, Zippy Hair Stacker (Medium) and a Vise Pawn, this is the kit for taking a bench to the next level.

Complete Fly Tying Tool Kit (MSRP $120.00): The Core Fly Tying Tool Kit and the Accessory Fly Tying Tool Kit put together for anyone who wants the complete set.

Classic Scissor Forceps with comfy Grip: (MSRP $20.00):  Large, durable hemostats equipped with a cutting edge to maximize versatility. Handles include comfy grip for added traction, even when wet.

Classic Scissor Mitten Clamps with Comfy Grip: (MSRP $21.00):   Designed to be used while wearing gloves or mittens. Mitten Clamps are open and closed with the same squeezing motion, making clipping them to a pack or vest convenient.

Classic Forceps with Comfy Grip: MSRP $16.00): Top quality hemostats including comfy grip. Designed to maximize strength, comfort, and smooth opening/closing.

Classic nippers with Comfy Grip (MSRP $7.00, Bulk $252):  Made with surgical quality steel and covered with comfy grip, these nippers are the perfect blend of comfort and performance. They include a straight cutting surface and an eye clearing needle

Hook Hone with Comfy Grip (MSRP $10.00): A hook hone with two grits for getting hooks nice and sharp to ensure that fish aren’t missed due to dull hooks. Comfy grip handle improves grip even when wet and the stainless tool tether allows it to be stored securely to any loop, strap or zinger.

Rouge Zinger (MSRP $12.00, Bulk $162):  A Nite Ize S-Biner attaches this sturdy retractor to packs, waders, etc. and the 22 inch steel cable walks the fine line between being lightweight and heavy duty.

UV Fly Finish Colors: (MSRP 18.00):  UV Fly Finish is the colored companion to UV Clear Fly Finish and instantly provide color and complexity to flies. The “Hot” colors are perfect for adding hot spots and trigger points, providing a subtle glow. Lighter colors offer a life-like translucence, presenting the opportunity build flies with a depth that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. For best results, mix before using and apply in thin coats

Top Ride Dun (MSRP $9.00):  Powder floatant and drying agent. Will not leave oil slick on water. Easy-to-use shake application. Large opening accommodates large flies. Compatible with all flies, including CDC. Everything awesome about Top Ride, but with a dun color to mimic specific species of fly

Dry Dip (MSRP $12.00):  A dip floatant that is environmentally friendly, compatible with all dry flies (including CDC), and incredibly effective, Fly Dip can be used to pretreat dry flies to ensure high-riding presentations or to revive soggy flies

Amadou Patch (MSRP $29.00):  Amadou is primarily composed of a mushroom: “Fomes fomen-tarius”, and its primary purpose is taking soggy, water-logged, dry flies and getting them ready to fish again. A simple squeeze between the two pads of this magical material sucks out water from a drowned fly, restoring its ability to float

Nocturnal Head Lamp (MSRP $29.00):  Rechargeable head lamp designed with a red light function.

New POP Displays: Stand Up Double box display ($40.00)

Tin Drop Display ($75.00)

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