Echo Rods New Products 2020

  • Trout (MSRP $349) 4 wt-6 wt.) 4 piece:   Each Trout model has a unique action and length to suit its typical style of use but all are very light in hand.  The unique handle shape allows for a multitude on finger grip styles to accommodate an angler’s needs.  Each includes a fabric-covered hard case. The models include:
  1. TRT-484: Incredible technical rod for medium sized waters
  2. TRT-490: Versatile light weight rod designed to do it all
  3. TRT-590: The SUV of trout fishing-does it all well.
  4. TRT 690: Great streamer and nymph rod.
  5. TRT696: Built with nymph fishing in mind for big drifts and mends.

Prime (MSRP $469-$524)-2 pc (8-11 wt. and 4 pc (8-12 wt.):  Designed specifically for real world saltwater distances (30-70 ft.) and easy loading.  The new Dual Zone handle improves accuracy and efficiency. If the rod was not cool enough they put a squid graphic on the reel seat. The 2-piece models have upgraded Recoil guides.

Lago: (MSRP $269) 5wt-7 wt. 10’:  Specifically designed to optimize casting sinking lines while sitting close to the water at a moderate price. The Largo is an exceptionally light 10-foot rod to maximize casting efficiency using a multitude of still water fishing techniques.

Stillwater: (MSRP $459) 5-7 wt.  10’ and 10’6 6 wt.  Precisely developed Stillwater rod for competition grade anglers.  Powerful yet delicate for covering all aspects of high-level competitive Stillwater angling. Each rod model has a unique action to suit its typical style of use. Has a removable fighting but for anglers preferences.

Shadow Click Reel (MSRP $99):  Competitive Anglers have their own unique needs in a reel.  They want a reel that retrieves quickly but do not need a drag that can stop a tuna. Competitive anglers also use extremely thin line and often get their line sucked into the reel when retrieving line.  The Shadow Click has a specially designed pivot frame that allows the user to run the line through a “capture “frame to prevent the line from getting tangled in the frame. The ultimate blend of function and simplicity, this click reel is extremely light and durable.

Bravo Lite Reel (MSRP $119 4/5, 6/7 and 8/9 wt.): Affordable die cast reel that has all the features of high performing sealed disc drag premium reels. The reel has a 4-layer carbon fiber drag system designed with o rings to keep it sealed and is extremely light weight yet durable.

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