Airflo New Products 2020

  • New Fractional Line Ratings:  With all the new fly lines that are far from true in their line weights, AirFlo and Tim Rajeff have come up with an innovative system to describe line weights that will make it easier for anglers to match their fly lines to their rods.  All Airflo Fly lines now have a Fractional system to describe their line tapers.  If a user wants a heavier line to overload the rod, the new system allows for them to fine tune their grain weight preferences.  A true to line weight 5 weight would be a 5.0 and an overloaded 5 weight line might be a 5.8 for example.
  1.  Super Flo Fly Lines (MSRP $99.99):  In an effort to minimize line diameter and perfect durability, AirFlo has come up with the newest in polyurethane line technology.  Airflo has made breakthroughs in their extruding process allowing for precise controls of polyurethane flow in the fly line manufacturing process These “Flo” technologies not only make the line more durable and thinner diameter (now .85 mm) but also floats better because they now can add more nano tephlon to the fly line. The lines are now less weight, move quicker and the skin is made of a harder material coating for less memory and better performance.  All the Super Flo lines are un-ridged (for now) and come in the following freshwater and saltwater configurations:
  1. Freshwater (WF 2-7 wt., DT 3-6 wt.)

-New Taper: Stillwater-Designed for lake applications



-River and Stream

  • Flats Master Saltwater lines

-Bonefish (6-8 wt.)

-Permit (9-10 wt.)

-Tarpon (10-12 wt.)

-Red fish (10-12 wt.)

  • New packaging:  AirFlo has updated their packaging and labeling for 2020. The new line        cassettes are biodegradable!
  • Cartel Two Handed Line: This is basically a hybridized Scout for Scandi lines. A shorter Scandi for smaller water for floating and intermediate line presentations.  Designed specifically for Northern California Steel Head and smaller rivers.
  • Sixth Sense: New Color “zones” for targeting Stillwater fish in particular depth.  The sinking and intermediate lines have multi colored contrasting zones so the angler can find the zone the fish are feeding in.  All lines are 35 yards long and are available in a complete range of densities up to an 8 wt.
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