We don’t have to tell you this, but fly shops drive our industry. From diverse product selections, to hard-won fishing wisdom, to the ever-present shop dog – fly shops ARE fly fishing. Here at Rajeff Sports, we believe in fly fishing and the wonderful things it represents. Direct-to-consumer sales cut fly shops out of the picture, doing a disservice to all involved. There are some things that can’t be found anywhere but a fly shop. In honor of our valued dealers, we’ve launched a new hashtag: #flyshopstrong. We want folks to know who supports fly shops and fly shop culture. It’s us. It’s you. It’s the majority of your online followers. We’re encouraging our shops that have a social media presence to adopt the #flyshopstrong tag in support of small business and the industry it drives. Most of us post to Instagram or Facebook on a regular basis, and incorporating the #flyshopstrong tag is a great way to show your support. We have a great thing going – we scratch your back and you scratch ours. It’s how things ought to be. Let’s stand up for fly fishing culture.

P.s. If your shop is photo-savvy and would like to have photos promoted through Rajeff Sports social media outlets, let us know. We’d love to spread the good word about our shops!

All The Best,
The Rajeff Sports Team

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