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ECHO is a small, personal, company of fly-fisher folk residing in Vancouver, Washington. We are the vision of Tim Rajeff – the culmination of his huge personality and an outlet of both creativity and service to the industry. Currently, Rajeff Sports distributes Echo Fly Rods to the world and Airflo Fly Lines to North America. We strive to provide quality products and customer service to our fellow fly-fishers.

ECHO Fly Rod Lifetime Warranty and Service

Rajeff Sports will repair or replace damaged and defective rods for the lifetime of the original owner.

ECHO Fly Reel Warranty and Service Policy

Rajeff Sports will warranty all ECHO fly reels for a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

Warranty 2020



Air-Lock strike indicators are as easy as it gets. Pop your leader in the groove and re-attach the nut to the top. Unlike other systems, your leader stays in-line. No matter how many times you adjust you depth, your leader won’t get kinked and compromise both your presentation and leader strength. Adjusting your depth is a breeze. Loosen the nut at the

top, slide the indicator, then tighten it back down. No loops, knots, or kinks!



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