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Please take a moment and review the new products available from all of our brands.  We will continue to add more information, links and photos as they become available.


Abel SDS Reel Wins Best Saltwater Reel in Show at IFTD 2016!

  • SDS Reels: (SDS 7/8 ($895), 9/10 ($995), and 11/12 ($1095)-Black finish): Won Best New Saltwater Reel at IFTD.  This revolutionary reel has increased drag strength and the drag system is completely sealed. Available in 10 finishes.  First available ship date will be 1/1/17 for fill-in orders and delivery.
  • New Super Series:  Abel will do a soft launch of its redesigned Super Series with some minor design changes and the ability to remove the spool without taking out the lock nut (will not retro-fit previous Super frames or spools). The redesigned Super series will be available 1/1/17.
  • New Finishes: Tribal Grizzly: $700 premium over standard black, 3rd tribal model by Jon Osiris
  • Please note:  Knives, combo sheaths and Sportsman’s lube kits are discontinued

SDS IFTD 2016 Press Release >>


As always, Airflo remains on the cutting edge of design and innovation with fly lines made to fill the void of on the water problems anglers face.  For a variety of the new spey lines, please ask us about complete kits so you can best assess which line sizes match your customers rods & casting styles/abilities.

View All Airflo Fly Lines >>

  • Skagit Switch G2: The shortest Skagit head ever made (19’-20’) designed to make casting shorter switch rods easier than ever before. (Range 480-600 Grains $59.99)
  • Skagit Scout: A first of it’s kind  15’ Skagit head designed specifically for use with single handed rods.  This line will make throwing the biggest and heaviest sink tips a lot easier. ( Range: 150-480 Grains $59.99)
  • Skagit F.I.S.T. (Float Intermediate Sink three): A 22.5’ head designed to help you fish slower and lower.  The intermediate front end of this line will avoid the “hing” experienced with full floating Skagit heads and help get your sink tips and flies down quicker ( Range: 450-720 Grains $59.99)
  • Scandi Long: This scandi style shooting head at 36” not only casts farther than any spey line available, the longer head offers more control and ability to manipulate the fly and drift once the line is on the water than shorter scandi heads. ( Range: 450-600 Grains $59.99).
  • Forge: A versatile, all purpose freshwater fly line priced competitively and designed for all levels of fishing and casting experience. ( Range WF3F – WF6F)
  • Euro Nymph Line: A line designed for Euro style nymphing with a stiff core and thin diameter combine to give you maximum feel & sensitivity while keeping drag to a minimum.
  • Beach: A beach line made with a very aggressive front taper to make casting big flies and long leaders much easier in the windiest of conditions ( Floating: WF5-WF8, INT: WF6-WF8, Sink 7: WF6 – WF8 $89.99)
  • Surf: A fast sinking surf line (5” per sec) designed to make quick casts and position the fly in the rips and structure where surf fish feed. (Range WF6-WF7 $89.99)
  • Sniper: An aggresssive short head line based on our popular 40+ line but with a shorter head and thicker tip diameter. (Range: WF7 – WF10 Floating/Intermediate/Sink 7 Plus Custom Tip $89.99)

Airflo Tippet Program

Airflo has 4 new tippets available and tapered leaders.

  • Tactical Tippet: High strength copolymer with a low density make this material optimal for surface presentations. (30 YDS – $4.95, 110 YDS – $9.95)
  • Sightfree Salt Flourocarbon: 100% hard Flourocarbon with optimal balance of strength vs. suppleness. This material has extremely low visibility, is UV resistant and knots easily. (30 YDS – $12.95)
  • Sightfree G4 Flourocarbon:  100% hard fluorocarbon with exceptional performance at a great price. (30 YDS – $12.95, 110 YDS – $24.95)
  • Sightfree G5 Fluorocarbon: Japanese 100% fluorocarbon using the latest in double resin techniques to produce the strongest product given the diameter.  Incredible durability and knot strength. (30 YDS – $14.95, 110 YDS – $39.95)
  • Tapered Knotless Leaders:  Available in Mono ($4.95 (3 Pack $11.95) and Fluorocarbon ($12.95). in a variety of lengths.

View All Leaders and Tippet Available From Airflo >>


  • New Green and Coral Cutthroat Carbon Fiber Net: Our Cutthroat size net in a lightweight durable frame.It comes with our eco-clear net bag and a net clip with a braided cord. ($115 Retail)
  • Green Pisces Carbon Fiber Net: This is a copy of our Yellowstone Float Tube net. It features a tapered hoop- thinner at the top than at the handle. This gives the net a better balance and lighter feel. Perfect for larger fish and when extra reach is needed. (33’ overall with a 12″ by 18″ opening. $165 Retail)
  • Paragon Nets: All Paragon Series nets come with custom inlaid pearl initials on a cocobolo handle, measuring marks & are fitted with a thermoplastic net bag. ($225-250 Retail. See Brodin section for various size options)
  • Details >>


Echo excels not only at making quality, budget minded rods, but also in offering very specific fishing tools in the same price range.  The new products for 2017 clearly demonstrate some of these tools and innovation.

View All New 2017 Echo Fly Rods >>

  • EPR: A soft tip that loads easily at short distances, but with tons of extra horsepower in the bottom end for incredible line speed when you step on the gas. (9’ 8wt – 9’ 12wt MSRP $449.99)
  • OHS: One Hand Spey rod designed with a short butt grip to make two hand casting possible. The real magic in this rod is it’s ability to make all types of spey casts in a single hand capacity An incredible, first of it’s kind rod for effectively nymphing big water. (10’4” 6wt – 10’4” 8wt MSRP $479.99)
  • Dry: The DRY is a very accurate, true to size rod that balances perfectly with a standard weight line and loads easily at ‘real’ fishing distances. ( 9’ 2wt – 9’ 6wt MSRP $229.99)
  • Bad Ass Glass: Tackling the last frontier of glass for big water and big fish. Perfect for stalking tarpon on the flats, blind casting to albacore, or swinging for steel. (9’ 8wt – 9’ 12 wt MSRP $229.99)
  • Boost Beach:  Designed for overhead casting to beach dwelling species.  In our own field trials, this has also been an awesome rod for chasing pike, wiper, and other still water species from shore on lakes & reservoirs, (6-8wt  MSRP $299.99)
  • Trip: The ultimate compact travel rod for camping or keeping in the briefcase. An 8- piece design that maintains a crisp action for casting close or far (9’ 5wt – 9’8wt MSRP $279.99)
  • TR: TR Switch and Spey Rods updated with new trout sizes and fresh cosmetics. The TR features more power in the bottom half of the rod to generate greater line speed and is a more forgiving spey rod for those who really like to hit it hard. (11’ 3wt – 13’6” 8wt MSRP $374.99)
  • Ecko Gecko Kit: $169.99
  • Base Kit: $169.99-$179.99 (8wt)


  • X210M The Original Meshback: Garment washed cotton twill with khaki soft mesh side and back panels. Unstructured low-sweep profile. Plastic snap closure. Khaki 6-line contrast sewing on visor. Available on the Empire program.
  • The Gyre:  Performance Poly fabric. Lightweight breathable and moisture wicking. Mid structure profile. Micro-velrco loop closure with garage tuck-in.  Color-blocked, contrasting sewing on visor and seams. Available on the Empire program
  • IMP 3 Imperial 3:  Performance poly fabric. Soft structured runner’s cap. Soft visor with reflective fabric binding around edge. Perforated side panels. Snag free Velcro closure with reflective Imperial loop tab.*No side embroidery available on this style.
  • The Knockout:  Performance poly fabric. Tonal check jacquard pattern. Three punched eyelet holes on each of the back four panels.  Structured mid-crown profile. Micro-elastic loop closure with garage tuck-in.
  • 1977 The Miller: Cotton twill fabric. Garment washed with dark green undervisor. Stand up mesh. Two fabric Strips sewn around side and back panels. Plastic snap closures. *Side embroidery not available.
  • 4056 The Bengali:  Cotton Chambray fabric. Structured mid-crown profile.  Paisley pattern fabric inside taping and sweatband. Self-fabric backstrap with tri-glide adjuster.
  • 4054 The Harris:  Lightweight poly fabric. 5 Panel “Retro Fit” with stand-up mesh stay. Woven rope along base of front panel. Plastic snap closure. Front and back embroidery only.
  • 1183 The Jones:  Performance poly fabric. Lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking. Structured mid-velcro elastic loop closure with garage tuck-in. Color-blocked with contrast sewing in putty on visor and seams. Style also available on Empire program.
  • 1211 The Cartesian:  Super lightweight performance poly blend fabric. Micro check pattern.  Structured mid-crown profile. Perforated silicon edged eyelets (Back/sides only) for an ultra clean look.  Flexible fit with performance sweatband. 2 Sizes available s/m (6 7/8-7 1/8) and L/XL ((7 ¼-7 ½).
  • 2222 The Deuce:  Knit neoprene and performance poly fabric. Structured mid-crown profile without sweatband. One size fits most. Elastic knit band running around edge of visor throughout base of crown.
  • 1054 The Wool Cap:  Wool Flannel fabric. Unstructured mid-crown profile. Performance sweatband. Velcro Closure. Black twill undervisor.

See The Full Imperial Collection >>


Making the best products is always the goal at Loon. Whether it’s developing something from scratch or tweaking our current products, we’re obsessed with making sure that everything we make honors that. When you see what’s new for 2017, we think you’ll agree. Be sure to pay particularly close attention to the new Rogue Line of tools. This line features a stealthy rust-resistant black finish and double-dipped handles.

View All New 2017 Products from Loon >>

New Rogue Line

  • Rogue Quickdraw Forceps: The ultimate hemostat cutter combo: go everywhere, do everything, store anywhere. ($24.95)
  • Rogue Scissor Forceps: A slightly large hemostat with a scissor in the jaw. ($19.95)
  • Rogue Forceps: A stealthy top-notch version of the indispensable streamside accessory. ($15.95
  • Rogue Spring Creek Forceps: Perfectly sized for trout and warm water species, these are a slick and sleek pair of hemos. ($15.95)
  • Rogue Micro Scissor Forceps: All the power you need, sized to fit in a shirt pocket. ($18.95)
  • Rogue Debarb Pliers: Heavy duty pliers for tackling nasty barbs and cutting heavier line.
  • Rogue Mitten Scissor Clamps: A smooth operating pair of clamps, with or without gloves. ($20.95)
  • Rogue Nippers: The indispensable nipper, but reworked for the ninja in you. ($7.95)
  • Rogue Nippers w/ Knot Tool: Tie it and cut it.  One stop shop. ($7.50)

New Loon Tying Tools & Accessories

Ergonomic re-workings of the essential and indispensable.  Every pair of scissors is hand-honed before leaving our warehouse.  In other words: scary sharp.

  • Gator Grip Dubbing Spinner: The last dubbing spinner you’ll need.  Interchangeable tips work with almost any material and the ring allows for constant palmering tension. ($17.95)
  • Ergo Bobbin: An ergonomic bobbin that gives tyers complete control over thread tension. ($19.95)
  • Ergo Bodkin: The indispensable bodkin, with an ergonomic grip. ($9.95)
  • Ergo Dubbing Brush: A dubbing brush that means business on one end and comfort on the other. ($9.95)
  • Ergo Arrow Point Scissors: Precision scissors with an ergonomic handle. ($14.95)
  • Ergo All Purpose Scissors: Ergonomic scissors for every occasion. ($15.95)
  • Ergo Hair Scissors: Maximizing comfort and strength. ($16.95)
  • Razor Scissors (5 in): Adjustable tension for various materials, sharpened to perfection.


New 2017 Flies

  • Kelly Galloup has joined MFC and all of his signature patterns are now available for preseason order.  Some of Galloup’s top selling streamers include: Butt Monkey, Dungeons, Silk Kitty.Tips Up and Fatliner series. Galloup also has many nymphs and dry flies. His top selling nymphs include the BH Peacock Hare’s Ear, Downed Caddis and Warbird.  Kelly’s most popular dries include the Found Link, Tilt Wing, Butch Caddis and Snowshoe Hopper.
  • Frank Smethurst has several new patterns out this year.  Top picks are the Baetis Bomb, worm Bomb, Crane Bomb (cream), Thong Bomb and the Searcher (Rattle for salt).
  • Juan Ramirez has two new hopper patters, the Mini “D” and Juan’s Lil’ Hopper.
  • Shawn Brillon has a series of jig nymphs called the Lucent PT Jig (10-14).
  • Hogan Brown’s Napolean Stone (12-18) is a great yellow stone pattern for 2017.
  • Erick Ishiwata Releases more “on the swing trout flies”

New 2017 River Camo Tools and Gear

  • Flyweight Fly Boxes:  Lightweight floating foam boxes featuring MFC Slit Foam with magnetized closure.
  • Poly Boxes: 10 New designs including CO Flag. New signature art from Larko, Sundell, Madox and Sharpe.
  • New Stream Side Tools: featuring American Flag print or digital camo print. Toos include Tungsten Carbide Nippers, Mitten Scissor Foreceps, Premium 5” Forceps and Scissor Forceps.
  • New MFC Stainless Steel Hip Flask Artwork:  Artists include Estrada, Maddox, Sundell and Udsen.
  • New MFC Fish Gaiter Artwork:  New prints include Grey Honeycomb Camo, Continental Camo, Brackish Water, Maddox Brown Skin XV, Larko Doodle Bass and American Pride.
  • New MFC “Flip Top” Vacuum Mug: Insulated travel mugs with improved lids now available.
  • New MFC SlimPro iPhone 6/6S+ Covers: with return/exchange program for discontinued models.


Ross Reels Colorado LT Wins Best Freshwater Reel in Show at IFTD 2016!

  • Evolution R: First new high end Ross in a Decade featuring a fully sealed, multi-disc drag. The frame design is also a big eye catcher with stainless steel release cap and under 4.5 ounces in all sizes.  ($445-495)
  • Animas S: Even though fly reels are becoming lighter and lighter, there is a portion of the fly fishing community that requires something a bit more robust to better balance longer rods. The Animas S has been designed to that end with the Spey, Switch and Saltwater fishermen in mind. ($350-380)

IFTD 2016 Award Info for Colorado LT >>


  • Flex Series:  The all new Scott Flex series, rods so light, efficient and forgiving they let you focus on fishing better. Incorporating many of the technological innovations found in our award winning Radian and Meridian rods, Flex rods combine high performance with top quality components. (MSRP $475.00) Flex Details >>
  • Radian Two-Handed Series: Light in hand with high line speed, Radian two handers are perfect for anglers who prefer “touch and go” casts and an up-tempo stroke. They deliver power smoothly and load progressively so whether you’re fishing a close lie against the bank or a seam on the far side of the river, Radian two handers maintain their feel and loop control exceptionally well. (MSRP  $1195)  R2H Details >>

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