Airflo Running Lines at a Glance Video

Super-DRI Running Lines

30lb for rods 6wt and bigger

20lb for trout sized rods 5 wt and smaller

New in 2016, our new black band at the end of our running lines allows you to quickly and easily gauge where you are in the loading process for great casts every time. The natural progression was to upgrade our running lines with our incredible Super-DRI technology – not only does it improve slickness and reduce tangling, it also improves the life expectancy of a line that can already take some incredible abuse.

  • Price: $59.99
  • Taper: Level running line
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: 20lb and 30lb
  • Coating: Polyfuse XT Dual Layer System

Airflo Extreme Running Line

If you’re the kind of guy that likes the feel of mono singing through the guides, then this running line is the one for you. Equally at home in Fresh or Saltwater, the extreme running line has a slightly harder coating that’s a lot less wiry than mono, but will have your heads winging their way to the horizon. Includes two ‘Flexi Loops’, 1/2” on the back and a 6” on the front for easy shooting head changes.

  • Price: $49.99
  • Taper: Level running line
  • Core: Power Core
  • Range: 30lb – 50lb
  • Coating: Ridge Warm Weather

Airflo Impact Running Line

  • Our Oval section mono has a hard slick finish and just the right amount of stretch to remove any memory.
  • Available in 30lb and 44lb break strains, each spool is loaded with 150ft of pure casting zing!
  • $19.99

Airflo Miracle Braid

  • Developed by Scandinavian anglers for the underhand style of casting, this permanent buoyancy braid shoots incredibly well and incorporates a semi-stiff central core that helps eliminate tangling.
  • Fluorescent Yellow – 30lb, 50yd
  • $39.99


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